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Buying a Home

We believe there is something for everyone in Santa Fe and the surrounding areas.

The process of buying or selling a home involves a dizzying amount of information about locations and valuations, financing and inspections, staging, showing, and closings. It’s an information-rich process, one that requires intelligence to sort through it all and to present it to you, the buyer, in a way that makes sense – and that guides you to the purchase you really want to make. As your brokers, we help you through this process from pre qualifying for a loan through closing and beyond.

The Basics of Buying a Home

Obtain Mortgage Pre-approval Before you begin house hunting

  • learn how much home you can afford
  • strengthen your bargaining position

Choose a Real Estate Broker

  • select a professional that will listen to you and make you feel comfortable

Find the Right Home

  • create a wish list of desirable features
  • determine the need of you and your family

Make an Offer

  • your real estate broker presents your offer to the seller who will accept reject or counter it.
  • when the price is settled, you and the seller sign a purchase agreement defying the terms of the sale, it is then “under contract”

Have a Home Inspection

  • hire a professional home inspector to provide an in-depth look at the basic systems of the house to reveal any safety hazards and give you a chance to reconsider the deal.

Have an Appraisal

  • an appraisal, required by your mortgage lender, is a formal, written estimate of the homes current market value.

Obtain title Insurance

  • this guarantees that the property you are purchasing is free of liens or confusion in rights of ownership

Close on the Property

  • ownership of the property is transferred

You become the proud owner of your new home...